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With three jobs and a muddled mindset, I was certainly a challenge for any coach. Through working with Mikaela I found focus, drive and momentum and lost any self-doubt I was harbouring. I now have the confidence to move forward, my businesses are growing, I help more people and I make more money. Mikaela is a skilled professional and I highly recommend her services.
— Ellie-May Watkins (Entrepreneur, Wellness)
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Working with Mikaela has been such a turning point for me. Without realising, I had been making excuses to implement real change in my life. Through her amazing skill, Mikaela has given me the tools and a non-judgmental space to realise what I can really achieve without it feeling like an impossible task. With her guidance, she has set me on a course to reconnect with my values, my passions and just a sense of who I really am; I have woken up to what is really important to me to drive me to succeed. With tailored activities to work on independently, as well as supportive one to one sessions, Mikaela has let me discover what is holding me back from achieving my potential and to be the best version of myself. She has helped me feel empowered, driven and excited to improve the elements of my life I have let slip because life got in the way. I couldn’t recommend Mikaela more highly and am incredibly grateful that she has set me up to conquer anything!
— Lucy Slater (Retail Professional)
As an entrepreneur, working with Mikaela has added significant value to my business and personal life. She has enabled me to confidently define, create and achieve business goals; whilst balancing this alongside my two young children. An inspiration and joy to work with. I cannot recommend Mikaela highly enough.
— Reema Gainley (Entrepreneur, Technology)
I’d hit a low point. I’d been back in the UK barely 3 years having lived and worked abroad for the previous 9. I had to settle myself and my teenage son into our new home and his new school at GCSE time. I was trying to find my bearings, make new friends, establish new contacts, find employment (not easy when you’ve been out of the loop for so long) and had recently launched my own pr agency. My elderly father had just passed away and all at once the pressures seemed overwhelming. Enter Mikaela. She’s been an inspirational source of strength and empowerment. Her intuitive approach is gentle and calm. She has an uncanny ability to peel away messy layers, probing with persistence and kindness until the knots are unravelled one by one. At times the process feels uncomfortable, and it is. But you know the pain is worth it; she’s helped me get to the heart of issues that had been blocking my progress. I feel stronger, clearer, focused and confident. In just a few short months, Mikaela’s coaching has had a powerful and positive impact on my sense of self, my direction and my future journey. She will always be an integral part of my ongoing success. Thanks Mikaela!
— Andrianne Philippou (Entrepreneur, Creative)
As a working mum going through a career change, Mikaela’s support was invaluable. She helped me to define my objectives, balance my priorities and kept me on track during the ups and downs of the recruitment processes. Mikaela supported me to overcome my self-doubt, she is an empathetic listener and offers well-considered advice. I would highly recommend Mikaela’s services.
— Victoria Edwards (Education Professional)
I cannot thank the beautiful Mikaela Jackson enough for her support, patience, ideas, questions and her acute ability to listen. After the death of my father, loss of what I thought was my dream job and removing a very poisonous person from my life, I was a real emotional mess. Prior to meeting Mikaela, I felt like I was falling without a parachute with my mouth taped shut, not allowing me to scream for help. Given the depths of my issues, beyond the scope or advice of anyone close to me, my best friend pointed me in the direction of life coaching. From our first meeting, Mikaela was wonderful. She spent hours talking with me, not at me or through me, asking the right questions no matter how delicate. We set some small goals ahead of our second meeting, and even though they were very small (one being I wanted to wear a dress every day for the next 10 days, having spent a ridiculous amount of time in my pajamas) the emotions and progress surrounding this step were enormous for me. Writing this 5 months on I feel absolutely brand new. My self-confidence and self-belief are back and the love and respect for myself is where it should be. I’m living the life that I dreamed of and then made for myself.
— Katy Hinds (Real Estate Professional)
“From working with Mikaela I gained full clarity and vision of how I was going to move on with the next chapter in my life. Whilst doing my business and management degree and having two little children within this period, my main focus was embracing my new role, motherhood. However, I then found myself losing my sense of purpose and direction in my professional life, I felt confused, frustrated and stuck in ‘stand still’ mode. By highlighting my strengths and helping me realise and focus on what was important to me, Mikaela helped me re-gain momentum and enabled me to move forwards. Beyond her professionalism, ability and dedication as my coach, not to mention her optimistic outlook and determination to have a positive impact in the world which I both admire and share, I was looking for someone I could trust and confide in and I found Mikaela to be the perfect person for me.
— Sara Morgans (Business Professional)