The Dream. Design. Do Workshop is the place where self-empowered women come to create the career, business and life of their dreams.

Join me and an intimate group of kick-ass ladies for an inspirational day in London to work on you, get clear on your goals and create an unstoppable action plan to take YOU and YOUR LIFE to the next level. 



Do any of these sound like you...

* You are a woman on a mission with big dreams and goals and are in serious need of an ACTION PLAN to make those things become a reality

* You are more than ready to get clear on your dream career and life so that you can move forward with PASSION AND PURPOSE 

* You know it is time for fear, overwhelm and self-doubt to step aside so that you can show up for your BEST CAREER AND LIFE

* You are no longer willing to let life, excuses or anyone else's opinion get in the way of what you are ready to make a PRIORITY NOW

* You would absolutely love to surround yourself with positive, empowered and like-minded women who totally GET YOU AND YOUR DREAMS

* You know you are meant for something big and that SOMETHING BIG STARTS TODAY

... If yes, this workshop is definitely for you! 



Your time is now.

Hey there lovely lady - I'm so excited you're here!

You have landed on this page because you are ready to make things happen and I've got just the thing for you.

The She Almighty workshop exists to give you the clarity, focus, tools and kick-start you create the career, business and life of your dreams.

Book your place TODAY - you've got this!



* A reality check and distraction-free space to take stock and work on you

* To confront the limiting beliefs, blockages and excuses that are currently holding you back from achieving your full career and life potential

* Address the self-limiting and disempowering narratives that are preventing your best self from shining bright

* Reconnect with you - your dreams, desires, passions, values and priorities

* Rediscover your strengths and summon your inner power so that you can kick the ass out of life and business

* Establish the blueprint for your dream career, business and life and to create an actionable roadmap to make it become a reality

* Take away a clear set of actions to implement and be held accountable for

* Share with and be inspired by other like-minded women on their best self and life journeys

* Hang out in a cool central London venue and know that you are The Boss

* Nutritious snacks and beverages to keep you fuelled and ready

* A BONUS power one to one coaching session with Mikaela worth £295 - winner! 


Bring into play the almighty power within you so that on the stage of life you can fulfil your high destined role
— She Almighty