Hi! I’m Mikaela Jackson, personal performance coach, full-time freedompreneur, female champion and the founder of She Almighty.

But don't be fooled, I didn't always have it this figured out!

In fact, it was my innate struggle with who and what I wanted to be and do throughout my twenties that led me to eventually, but perhaps not so ironically, finding my purpose as a coach for other women. 

Previous to being a coach I worked in luxury real estate to technology sales, recruitment, to being owner-partner of a sales & marketing company. 

By my late twenties I'd had great jobs, travelled the world and had even lived a life of relative luxury in Australia. But I still hadn't found the fulfilment I yearned for. I felt miserable, frustrated and far cry from being the best version of me. I knew I had to make some life-altering changes. 

That's when I discovered coaching... 

Through coaching I was able to reconnect with myself - my values, wants and desires. I started to visualise what success meant for me, planning for the future and taking action towards creating a better me and the life I really wanted.

As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day and my dream life didn’t happen overnight. Actually, it still took three more job changes, lots of bold decisions and hard work to get me to where I am today. Plus I had my fair share of battles with fear of failure and confidence along the way.

But I was once told – “some people make things happen, some people let things happen and others wonder what the hell just happened!”. So I decided to make my dream life happen and that’s why I know you can too.

Fast-forward and I am now married to the man of my dreams, we are homeowners living in a beautiful apartment and I’m a business owner – master of my own destiny working with women who continue to inspire me.

For me and my clients, it is about the bigger picture. My vision is that through women self-empowering and uniting by having the courage to create their own definition of success, to do what they love, to live the life they love and to love themselves; we will be further on our way to reducing gender inequality and the pay gap.

The world is our oyster and we really can have it all. Work with me and you’ll see!

Thank you for reading!

Mikaela x